Who needs a content writer?

You need a content writer if you understand the benefits of working on your business, not in it. Especially if you want to find new customers while encouraging the ones you have to remain loyal.

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Certified as an Expert Content Writer

The core of online content success lies in how engaging and well-written the content is.

But you can’t do everything; it’s impossible. And you shouldn’t feel you need to.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll know the importance of both finding and keeping customers.

Loyalty comes from great products, great service; and great communication. You have your product, and, hopefully, you leave the competition well behind when it comes to customer service! But you need to communicate your good work. How?

  1. Connect with perfect website copy
  2. Keep them engaged with your blogs.
  3. Use case studies to demonstrate you can deliver excellence.

The result? Happy customers – and more of them.

But it takes time and experience to nail this, which is why it’s more cost effective to outsource your content writing.

Employing the services of a trusted content writer ensures the latest trends and requirements are both understood and practised. Because it’s our job to know all that ‘stuff’. Better still, if you choose the right one, they’ll become a valued member of your team, and you’ll benefit from their experience of working with other entrepreneurs.

Leaving you free to do what you do better – growing your business. And more time to be with friends and family, because that’s what you deserve. And probably why you started all this in the first place.

If you can see already that we’re a great fit.

Content Writing

When you have a million and one tasks on your ‘to do’ list (I hope you haven’t!) you shouldn’t also have to search for the inspiration to write dynamic calls to action and eloquent words that will have your products practically wrapping themselves and leaping into your customers’ arms.

It can be hard. Unless you do it every day and love it more than chocolate. Which I almost do.

But whatever your feelings on writing, you can’t ignore the fact that it’s one of the most important things you must do in your business. Right up there with a good accountant taking care of your numbers or an HR expert on hand.

Because words have the power to sell your products, define your brand, demonstrate your credibility and expertise. The list goes on.


Using a writing formula that works to promote your business

You have a website because you have a product or service to sell. One that you know will benefit your customer – but they may not know that yet. You need to tell them.

When writing for clients, I take inspiration from Donald Miller’s StoryBrand framework. It’s nothing short of genius when it comes to crafting the perfect sales copy to a formula that works.

Using this as my guide, I can help you to succeed by writing content that sells, if you don’t have time yourself.

We will tell the story of your product; position your customer as the hero, and you as the guide who can lead them to what they need. You will be following a pattern they can’t resist. Every movie they’ve ever watched, every book they’ve read follows the same pattern. It’s familiar to them without them even realising.

And the big, blockbuster ending to the story is that your hero (customer) gets the product they always wanted; the one that will change their life. Okay, that’s possibly a little dramatic but you never know!

Here’s how it works

In my story, you are the hero, and throughout this website, I’m guiding you towards the realisation that you need my writing skills to get more customers heading your way and buying your products. If you don’t use me, you may struggle to promote your brand in the way it deserves and your competition, who did (for the purpose of this story) hire me and pay me lots of money  are about to retire to the Algarve to play golf: ten years earlier than planned. Because people saw their message and were compelled to buy. Leaving your product firmly on your shelves – metaphoric or actual.

                                                                                         – the end-

Guide your hero to your product

Words are powerful. They’re engaging and will make a difference to the success of your business. Place your customer first, address his issues and his needs, guide him through to a successful conclusion, and make him aware of both endings – what could happen if he doesn’t buy (sad ending) and what will happen if he does (happy ending).

Use this technique to create an Oscar-worthy story that befits your brand – but avoid the Raspberry, at all costs.

If it’s an Oscar you’re looking for, but have neither time nor inclination, I’m waiting for my curtain call…

Theresa is that rare gem who quickly becomes an indispensable part of your team. She’s an amazing writer who quickly gets what you are trying to say and puts your words together so that they actually make sense and convey the exact message that you intended. She is passionate about her work and for doing the best possible job for each and every client she works with, that’s why I’ve recommended her to several business owners I work with. Theresa ALWAYS does an excellent job and is genuinely one of the nicest people I had the pleasure of working with – ever. If you get the chance to work with her, you should.
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