Testimonials are great.

BUT Case Studies are tangible, powerful and demonstrate actual results.

Did you know up to 75% of potential customers will view Case Studies before deciding to work with you or buy your products?

A Case Study should hit the right points to resonate with them. The Challenge / The Solution / The Results – and the all-important element of allowing your personality, ability, and commitment to every customer or client to shine through.

You’re not just ‘any business’ – you’re the best in your field, and you get results. Your previous clients know that; potential clients are yet to be convinced

Case Study with GEFCO for:Access PDF HereCase Study with Shape Arts for: TerptreeAccess PDF Here

Case Studies will influence your customers/clients to purchase.

Case Studies work because they show proven results. They also show that your clients are so impressed they’re willing to take time to participate in a Case Study. That’s a powerful statement right there!

A well-written Case Study will bring new business. BUT how you research, format and write it is what will set you apart. You must hit the ‘sweet spot’ with the reader and convince them you’re what they’re looking for exactly.

Don’t let lack of time allow you to miss out on a powerful selling tool.

You don’t have to do anything other than giving me a list of clients you believe would be willing to participate in a Case Study (and their contact details). I’ll do the rest – contact them to arrange a convenient time for a short interview; conduct the interview; then compile a results-based narrative on how your product or service has improved their business. Throughout the process, I will be representing you and your business; and will do so with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Case Studies will prove to be a powerful selling and marketing tool.

I can promise you it will be one of the better decisions and investments you can make. And, like blogs, the copy written will work hard for you. You must use Case Studies on your website – but you can also share them on Social Media platforms, and LinkedIn. Or even as an appendage to a tender or pitch.

Take a look at some examples of Case Studies and what my clients say.

Each Case Study written is adapted to suit your requirements and goals. We can discuss which format will get the best results for you when you…

You’re one email away from starting the process of
customers and clients!

“No hesitation in recommending Theresa for case study work”

Victoria Williams
Owner/Founder of Terptree

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